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Bicycle Seat Pads - Gel Padded Seat Covers

Do you find yourself not using your expensive biking equipment because it just hurts too much to ride on it for very long? Well, we have an inexpensive solution to help get you on your bike and back in shape again. 

  • Comfortable  

  • Slips over your current seat

  • Extra Gel cushion on top of the seat

  • Drawstring for snug fit

  • Non-slip base

  • Lycra top
  • Choice of sizes
8 1/2" wide

1 1/4" thick

Perfect for spinning classes!
Narrow Gel Padded Luxury Seat Cover

Fits seats up to 8 1/2" wide 
and up to 11" long

Our Price $41.99



11" wide

1 1/4" thick
Medium Gel Padded Luxury Seat Cover

Fits seats 9" to 11" wide
 up to 11" long. 

Our Price $51.99



13" wide 

1 1/4" thick
Wide Gel Padded Luxury Seat Cover

Fits seats 12" + wide*
 up to 13" long. 

Our Price $56.99



1" of Gel Padding

(sold in pairs)
Gel Padded Seat Covers for EasySeat & EasySeat Deluxe

  Our Price $41.99



18" wide 

1 1/4" thick
Gel Pads for Recumbents or Rowing Machines 

Fits seats 16" to 18" wide*

Our Price $68.99



Your satisfaction is our goal. 

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days from the date of shipment, as shown on your invoice, for a refund or exchange.